Eaco enables you to add Tasks to each Job. This sounds basic, but it is actually one of the most powerful elements of the Eaco System. 

What makes Tasks so powerful? Tasks enable you to set a series of steps (i.e. tasks) that must be undertaken by the person(s) undertaking every job. The benefits of Tasks are plentiful, you can use Tasks to:

  • Set the tasks that your staff and/or suppliers need to undertake on each job;
  • Set job safety tasks that must be undertaken before jobs commence;
  • Set compliance tasks that must be undertaken before or during the job;
  • Create Forms to be completed during each job such as Site Inspections, Quality Checklists, Problem Solving Questionnaires, etc.
  • Capture key Job Data and report that to your clients; And,
  • Set Standard Operating Procedures that are automatically added to your Jobs.

An overview of Eaco's Task Management Functionality can be found here: https://eaco.systems/task-management/